Vietnam Airport


15 Foods must eat in Hanoi, Vietnam

Noi Bai Airport Hotel VATC SleepPod recommends you 15 famous local Hanoi foods to eat in Hanoi. Best places to eat in Hanoi, Where to eat in Hanoi. 1. Phở (Noodle soup): This universally famous food is best enjoyed in Hanoi, where it was “invente


Hotel in Noi Bai Airport

SleepPod – model of a mini-hotel in the centre of Noi Bai International Airport


Brilliant Tips to choose your airplane seat

Your journey will be less exhausted if you could land a suitable seat on the plane. Some of these following tips could be able to help you find a suitable seat with no extra cost.


How to avoid losing your luggage in the airport

Stuffs like money, jewelry, watch, cellphone, camera are what you should bring in your handbag instead. It will be much safer than consign those.


SleepPod kicks off for the first time ever in Vietnam

Sleep Box has been very popular in many cities of other countries all over the world such as in UK

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