Location of SleepPod - Hanoi Airport Hotel

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VATC SleepPod is currently trusted and used by passengers (especially guests in remote provinces taking early flights), visitors waiting for friends and relatives or guests having slow & cancellation flights.

Sleep Box in the airport is a type of mini hotels are very popular in many countries around the world such as England, Germany, Russia, USA, Japan, Korea and China ... In Vietnam, SleepPod was put into operation at the Noi Bai International Airport by Vietnam Aviation Tourism Company (VATC) in 2014 to meet the needs of visitors who want to have a private space for rest, relaxation and entertainment during waiting time or waiting for connecting flights, canceled & delayed flights.

Let's see how amazing the SleepPod - Hanoi airport hotel is!

View from SleepPod


Young staffs always welcome you


Air conditioner

Free set (Snack, water, cake, comb, tooth brush...)

At the Domestic Terminal (Terminal 1) of NoiBai International Airport, SleepPod is located in the center of 3rd Floor. You just only need to use the elevator, press 3 to up or down. When the elevator is open, you can instantly see 14 boxes of our service.

VATC SleepPod - Terminal 1 (Domestic Terminal)

                         Location of SleepPod - Hanoi airport hotel

To create favorable conditions for customers using the service, VATC SleepPod front desk is located at 2nd Floor in Hall A close to the security area, escalators and elevators. With this close location, it only takes about 2-4 minutes to move to the check-in area, to the Hall A, B, and E, taxi park, public car park ... It is so convenient, isn’t it?

                          Location of SleepPod - Hanoi airport hotel

                                                  Front desk in Terminal 1, Noibai International Airport

If you are standing in Hall E of Terminal 1 (lobby for the low-cost carrier), you use the lift to move to the floor, then go along corridor between the Hall A and Hall E about 200 meters. You will easily see VATC SLEEPPOD front desk that is in front of the check- in the counter number 30 of Vietnam Airlines.

VATC SleepPod - Terminal 2 (International Terminal)

In the International Terminal (Terminal 2) of NoiBai International Airport, Sleeppod located at the Eastern of 2nd Floor. To find the Service Box to sleep, you move to the escalators or elevators, press the number 2 (to up or down) and then continue toward the East (T1 terminal side) you can immediately see the service area with rooms are painted in turquoise, gentle, beautiful, almost located across from the baggage leaving and near the elevator on the East side of Terminal T2.

                          Location of SleepPod - Hanoi airport hotel

Celebrating a birthday party with a customer


Location of SleepPod - Hanoi airport hotel

                                                                    Hotel in Noibai Airport, Terminal 2

With its convenient location, SleepPod is ideal for a private, rest, relax space without fear slowly, late check in. Map of SleepPod here.

Let’s experience this amazing service!


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